Room To Spare Tiny House

Room to Spare Tiny House is more than just a project for us. We are two professionals working in the entertainment industry in Las Vegas, NV. Over the last few years, we both realized that we want a simpler life together. We discovered the ideals of minimalism, as well as the tiny house movement. After taking a Tumbleweed Tiny House workshop in February of 2014, we decided to take the plunge and build our own tiny home! This blog is dedicated to documenting our journey as we build our tiny home and transition to a simpler life – freeing us up to do the things that we love.

As you may have noticed from following our Facebook , Instagram, or other social media, our blog posts are a bit behind our actual build progress. It was tempting to rush the blog to catch up, but we decided to keep writing detailed posts on what we’ve learned at each step to help others out there who might be interested as well as documenting it for ourselves.  So, please follow us on one of the other sites for daily action shots. Here you’ll find the more in-depth discussion of what is happening.

Join the Las Vegas meetup groups on Facebook and Meetup! We try to have monthly meetings to discuss topics relevant to tiny house people, specifically here in Vegas!

Thanks for reading!

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