We live in interesting times. . .

In mid February we moved to a new community. Gated, cute houses, and just in general very nice. We’ve been parking our sedan style car and motorcycle in our two car garage, using the extra space to stage piles for Goodwill, recycling, etc. In the meantime, I was parking my Jeep in our driveway. In early June, I walked outside to go to work & the Jeep was not in our driveway. My first thought was “Oh, how nice – Jeff rearranged all the vehicles to fit into the garage.” (I do truly have a very thoughtful partner. I stand by this being a probable conclusion :)
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We’re back!

Sorry for the quiet around here – we prearranged some travel late last year, before beginning our tiny house adventure. We are back now and thought we’d share some of our travel adventures. The first week we were gone we were cruising in the Caribbean with Jeff’s family (hi Wilsons!) aboard the gorgeous Norwegian Getaway to commemorate his parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.  (An amazing accomplishment!) [Read more...]

A story about us on Tumbleweed’s blog!

Check out the article that Jenna (Tiny House Giant Journey) wrote about the start of our build over on Tumbleweed’s website!

A Tricky Trailer Delivery!

We’ve been busy with life the last few weeks. Mostly fun stuff, some more mundane things. We’re hoping to get started with the actual build sometime around the middle to the end of July. Look for more photos and updates over the next few weeks!

An interesting article about solar power

Here is an interesting article over at Engadget about the basics of solar power.

We are actively considering solar in some form for our build. I’m currently leaning towards a hybrid system, although I know that increases our installation cost as well as driving up the complexity of our system. I do like the idea of being prepared for more than one scenario. Of course, I’d love to run everything off of solar – but that still has it’s challenges.

I feel like we’re just scratching the surface in regards to this technology, so we have a lot more research to do.

Tool List!

I’ve added a page that will have the running list of tools that we either need or have acquired for the build. You can find it here. As I update the list in Google Drive, it should autoupdate here on the website. Ah, technology. The education I’ve gotten on the Google Developer’s Console since we’ve started the blog a month or so ago is – interesting. The number of obscure steps involved to just get a simple spreadsheet to display on WordPress was impressive. And to quote Vilos Cohaagen from Total Recall: “Frankly… I’m amazed it worked!” – but it did, first try. :)

(Note: now is a good time to mention that I’m a sci-fi nut AND possess an uncanny ability to quote random movie lines – this alleged “skill” has pushed petabytes of more useful information from my brain over the course of the years. Megan is always such a good sport and will ask “What’s that line from?” instead of just ignoring me, hoping it will go away.)

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How does one design and draft a tiny house?

I’ve had a lot of people ask me about the design of the tiny house and how we’re drafting our plans, so I thought I’d make a post about the process so far. This will end up being a multi-part post – there is a LOT involved with the drafting – way too much to cover in one blog entry. We are using a premade set of plans we purchased from Tumbleweed – ours is the Linden Overlook model.

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