Tiny House Road Trip!

Jeff and I had been talking with BA Norrgard (abedovermyhead.com) about meeting up with her on her #tinyhousetrip. Road trip scheduling is always fluid, and a 17′ U-Haul with 16′ tiny house drawing attention does not make it any easier! The scheduling happened to work out so that I could meet up with her (yay!), but Jeff could not (boo!).

I drove to Kingman AZ to meet BA, Nina Zamudio, Jerry Chandler (buyingtiny.com), & Greta as they take BA’s Gifford from Dallas to her new job with Four Lights Tiny House Company in Sebastopol, CA. The weather was absolutely gorgeous!

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Progress update

A progress update on today’s activity as well as the overall status of the project:

I took advantage of unseasonably cool weather today here in Las Vegas and spent some time getting accurate measurements of the trailer. I wanted to draft the actual trailer we have in Sketchup, not use some standard model that I got off the 3D Warehouse. I was working under the assumption that the trailer was a standard 7′ wide trailer; it is not. It’s 6′ 11″, which isn’t that big a deal to update the plans. Just shorten the horizontal studs by 1″, move the vertical studs to fit, and then make sure everything is centered properly to keep proportion. The problem arose when none of the welded pieces of all-thread, which are used to hold down the house to the trailer, lined up with what the drawings called for (after I updated the framing to fit the new trailer dimensions). I’m a little frustrated today, but it’s because I’m tired yet impatient to get started! So much of this has been the planning phases, I’m ready to start putting tools to materials and actually make something.

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Another Linden build

I had to make a quick post about a blog that I found today featuring another Linden build! I haven’t seen any other Lindens previous to this one, so it’s cool to see someone else building one. They have a really detailed blog where they’ve documented their process (including purchasing theirs as an Amish Barn Raiser from Tumbleweed). I was fascinated reading about their journey across the country from Denver back to New Jersey. It’s going to be a great resource for us as we go through our build. Check it out!

Another Linden build!

Someday, that might be us…

Our trailer is finally registered in Nevada!

We’re (finally) all registered with the Nevada DMV as a utility trailer!

Room to Spare trailer plates

We’re official!

We thought we’d do a post on registering a trailer in Nevada after the fact, as we obviously didn’t know enough before. (This is all current as of publication date, please do check the dmv website to make sure things haven’t changed before attempting this.)

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Tiny House Map

I had to give a mention to a new resource that I just found called Tiny House Map. Apparently it’s been around for a few years, but we’ve just heard about it now. It’s a collaboration between Michael Janzen at Tiny House Design and Dan Louche Tiny Home Builders. It’s an interactive map using the Google Maps API that lets you see other people who are involved in the Tiny Home movement, as well as add yourself to the map! I’ve already been in contact with some other people as a result of it, so I see this as being an invaluable resource to help all of us grow the community. Check out the video below. The YouTube post is from 2012, so don’t let the lack of pins on the map put you off – I was pleasantly surprised how many people are out there when I went to the actual website.

Of course I added Room to Spare – we’re looking forward to watching the map grow!

Updated Resources page

A quick note to let you all know that we’ve updated our Resources page – there are literally hundreds (probably thousands!) of websites, Facebook pages, Instagram pages, etc. about the tiny home movement – we’ll try to keep updating this page more frequently.

Also – we’re closing in on a solution for getting the finished house out of the site where we’re building (hint: anyone ever play the skill crane game at the arcade?), and we have the tools we need to make some slight modifications to the trailer layout. We should be getting to insulating the trailer soon, so look for a post on that progress in the next week or so!

We live in interesting times. . .

In mid February we moved to a new community. Gated, cute houses, and just in general very nice. We’ve been parking our sedan style car and motorcycle in our two car garage, using the extra space to stage piles for Goodwill, recycling, etc. In the meantime, I was parking my Jeep in our driveway. In early June, I walked outside to go to work & the Jeep was not in our driveway. My first thought was “Oh, how nice – Jeff rearranged all the vehicles to fit into the garage.” (I do truly have a very thoughtful partner. I stand by this being a probable conclusion :)
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We’re back!

Sorry for the quiet around here – we prearranged some travel late last year, before beginning our tiny house adventure. We are back now and thought we’d share some of our travel adventures. The first week we were gone we were cruising in the Caribbean with Jeff’s family (hi Wilsons!) aboard the gorgeous Norwegian Getaway to commemorate his parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.  (An amazing accomplishment!) [Read more...]

A story about us on Tumbleweed’s blog!

Check out the article that Jenna (Tiny House Giant Journey) wrote about the start of our build over on Tumbleweed’s website!

A Tricky Trailer Delivery!

We’ve been busy with life the last few weeks. Mostly fun stuff, some more mundane things. We’re hoping to get started with the actual build sometime around the middle to the end of July. Look for more photos and updates over the next few weeks!